I’d like to especially mention two of my students here from a tall heap of disciples I’m proud to have inspired. One is currently serving as a bureaucrat overseas and the other one is serving as a decorated officer for the Pakistan government. Suffice to say, they both excelled in the CSS exam and they worked closely with me on one of the most difficult components of the mentioned test i.e. the essay writing bit which is exorbitantly long and requires skill, precision, clarity of thought, and linguistic dexterity – the exact set of skills I look to polish. I must say that besides being able to explain them the nitty-gritty of what comprises a comprehensive essay, I was able to encourage them to brainstorm before drafting their responses.

think about the strategic application of relevant examples and arguments to illustrate their perspective, and develop the habit of regularly absorbing general knowledge, and news on current affairs to expand their database of ideas when it comes to declaring an educated opinion about any given topic of discussion whether its related to history, political history, socio-economic comparison, moral degradation in society as a whole, larger implications of global trade negotiations, geo-political unions, constitutional reform, or controversial matters of discussion such as blasphemy, euthanasia, abortion, legalized sale of alcohol, trade sanctions against a rogue nation, developed countries’ response to natural disasters in lesser privileged nations, etc. Namely, anything remotely related to the provocative conclusion of judgmental analysis which is required for the CSS test.


Apart from the routine drills that I emphasize for my students to adopt in their daily lives such as regular reading of as many global newspapers as possible – the regional Dawn, Metropolitan, Express Tribune, Business Recorder, and The News, I also suggest reading of Khaleej Times and Gulf News, The New York Times, and the Washington Post for its highly informative blogs, I also stress the significance of reading magazines such as Time, The Economist, Newsweek, Spider, Heritage, Orbit, and of course The Reader’s Digest, watching different news channels such as BBC, CNN, Fox News, Sky News, in addition to keeping abreast with current affairs and other important incidents that take place almost on a daily basis around the globe at some given point in time or another.

Not only do such activities help acquire general knowledge, but they also improve reading speed, give students a better idea of grammatical sentence construction, teach them the correct usage of punctuation modalities, enable them to get more skilled at contextual application of examples and expansion of arguments based on direct observation, and the newly acquired knowledge of such current affairs which ultimately makes them better essayists. My objective gets achieved.


Although Essay Writing is my area of expertise, I do make it a point to steer my students towards improving their vocabulary in the process other than constant targeted and open-minded discussions on current affairs, and day to day political events and occurrences. That helps sharpen their instinctive reasoning ability and allows them the grooming to be able to think on their feet as the expression suggests. For vocabulary enhancement, there are various techniques I apply such as the use of Flashcards and weekly unannounced vocab drills that the students not only find engaging but they also tend to retain the majority of the words shared with them during these sessions. I also strongly urge students to repeatedly use the words they’re learning in their essays in order to help with retention. Ultimately, they end up becoming self-assured and start developing educated opinions about most matters relevant to the CSS forum. Nothing provides me greater satisfaction.


  • Vocabulary building
  • Polishing of writing skills
  • Development of analytical thinking skills
  • Confidence in expressing opinions
  • Thinking on your feet
  • Familiarity with new ideas

All said and done, I love watching a student grow in confidence and knowledge. I pride myself in the fact that students almost always end up building a stronger character and their more confident personality starts to shine through. This new found belief in their own abilities positions them to perform outstandingly well in the CSS Exam and the joy that is evident on their visage post their success is the ultimate appreciation that a teacher could expect. I love providing sharp intellectuals for the purpose of serving our country better and in this way, I feel that I contribute my share. That’s one of the other reasons I love my profession.