Best SAT Preparation in Lahore

Dear Easy Coaching SAT applicants – let me begin by sharing a story; the year was 1994. When I was about to graduate high school, just like you I too was anxious about my future. A classmate suggested that in order to get into a competitive college, maybe even earn a scholarship, I had to take the SAT test and ace it. Talk about academic pressure! The night before the test, I was so nervous I was uncomfortably antsy and kept pacing up and down our condo’s entrance corridor. I couldn’t even bring myself to touch the Barron’s SAT book which was a loaner from my buddy Hayder let alone practice any questions. Now, English was my strong forte but Math was a bit challenging especially word problems, and speed, distance, and time questions. Calculus and Algebra I was okay with. Nonetheless, somehow or the other the night passed and I kept repeating the secret keys to scoring well in the test. Tips such as Process of Elimination, not wasting too much time on a single question, educated guessing, not second-guessing myself, and sticking to the answer that first pops up in my head. The magic tips worked like a charm. Turns out my fears were unfounded. I ended up scoring 1310 in 1600, not that I would get into an Ivy League College but I was happy.


With a good score in my hand, all I had to do now was to pick and choose the right college. So, I took a cab to the American embassy situated on the 21st Floor of the Dubai World Trade Center. As soon as I unmounted the elevator, I was greeted by a friendly Filipino security guard who surprisingly spoke fluent Urdu. His jovial disposition rubbed off on me, and I got rid of my jitters. I stated the purpose of my visit that I was there to review the official embassy owned university almanac to compare tuition cost and scholarship on offer. He summoned an official. After a brief wait, an angelic older lady with a radiant smile came out to the lobby and greeted me in an extremely warm manner. She led me into the Embassy library which a small oval room surrounded on all four walls with bookshelves that were filled with different varieties of books, some thick, and some thin. She handed me a gigantic book which was titled Colleges and Universities in the USA and left the room wishing me good luck. I must have spent what seemed like an eternity in there. Finally, after that focused research, I shortlisted five universities that I was going to send my application to;

  1. Central Michigan University
  2. University of Oklahoma
  3. Wichita State University, Kansas
  4. University of Central Florida
  5. Penn State University

If you can believe it, I got accepted into all five. I was over the moon with joy and my ecstasy knew no bounds. After careful deliberation, and considering the per credit hour cost I decided to attend Central Michigan University in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. I graduated from there with MIS as my major, and Education as my minor. The American College experience is what has made me the man I am today.


As an educator and an SAT tutor for more than a decade, I have learned one thing about the psychology of students. They can be classified into three categories; the super-confident ones – not necessarily more intelligent than the average joe, just brimming with a superior academic record and immense belief in self-ability, the nervous wrecks – kids with high intellect and excellent ability to absorb the techniques of how to perform well on the test, but have no faith in self-ability and ultimately crumble on test day due to enormous test anxiety; these are the kids that need constant reminders that they have it in them to ace the test, and a little bit of positive counseling can work wonders, and finally the low achievers – the below average kids; these kids require personalized attention, and need for the teacher to assist them with solving every question one by one. If the teacher is focused enough, and patient enough, these kids too start responding to the logic being presented and over a period of approximately 6 weeks start getting ready to perform better than expected. It just needs a determination on the part of the instructor.

  • Techniques that help
  • Process of Elimination
  • Avoid second guessing yourself
  • Don’t waste too much time on one question alone
  • First instinct answer is correct 80% of the time
  • Practice improving reading speed
  • Solve the reading questions where the lines are specified, first. This helps ration time.


Doing well on the SATs can open up multiple doors of opportunities for new university applicants. Access to competitive scholarships, admission into a college or program of your preference, an academic-performance based financial stipend, not to mention the possibility of scoring high grades and making Dean’s List or even graduating with honors. In other words, you may end up getting immense recognition by the University staff and your peers. As you’ve realized by now, here at Easy Coaching we know exactly what it takes to ace the SATs. My foreign education and exposure are the perfect impetus for your guaranteed success.